Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is this rubbish called anti-Semitism?

What is this rubbish called anti-Semitism?

The Semitic group of people means the Arabs, Persians and mainly people of Middle East including some Israelis. Semitic languages and Semitic Studies

The Arabs Can’t Be Anti-Semites and More Evidence: Arabs Can’t Be Anti-Semites proves the earlier claims.
So my questions are:
1. Who are Semites?
2. Who is superior or inferior among Semites and non-Semites and if there is such a difference - under what law, moral or authority?
3. Why anti-Semitism is the cardinal sin of the century?
4. Why anti-Arabism, anti-Americanism etc are not cardinal sins like anti-Semitism?
5. Given the visible disgust at the cartoon depictions of the Drefus affair of nearly two centuries ago - are you of similar mind regarding the recent cartoons depictions of the Islamic faith in Europe (depicting Muslims and Prophet Mohammad as terrorists)?

You are welcome to examine Anti-Semitism and Muslims and Arabs can't be anti-Semite. Arabs and Muslims for further substantiation.

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