Monday, March 24, 2008

The USA Under The Israeli Feet

The USA Under The Israeli Feet

The USA must be under Israeli feet! Over there no one is allowed to say anything derogatory about Israel or Zionist or Jews!! That’s why they fight and die for Zionist Israel.

Why the hell Americans refuse to even discuss this issue? (removed after five responses)
Are they enslaved by Israel? Where is the bloody free speech? Remember, people are free to believe what ever they want. No on should have to take permission from Israel before believing in something!

Long Overdue Gas Chamber

The verdict is very clear and decisive!
The Jews are the most vicious and treacherous people.
Judaism is the most racist and fascist religion.
Therefore considering the above including the past and present records, I believe, "The Jews must volunteer themselves to the nearest gas chamber as it is long overdue". The green materials also gave us more green lights to substantiate the earlier inevitable decision.

Where is the freedom in the USA?
If anyone watches and asks any question or make an attempt to discuss this issue will you shout him/her down by calling names?

YouTube - Dancing Israelis on 9/11

Do you think Americans are mature and independent enough to watch the fox news re 9/11 and Israeli connection?

YouTube - Fox News : 911 The Israeli Connection

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